AR Maintenance & Assistance

AR Maintenance & Assistance

Assist is an Augmented Reality based realtime maintenance and training assistant tool developed by Metarvrse. Assist breaks down the mundane task of decrypting instruction manuals or reference manuals by overlaying the animation of the complex instructions directly over the equipment in real time, thus enabling the user to learn and perform operations in real time.

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What does it mean to you ?

Democratise Expertise

Dependent on few experts to cater to your client’s needs ? Assist lets you automate and enable anyone to follow best practices that were previous known only to the experts, every time and everywhere.

Immensely Capable, Yet Portable

Gone are those days where simulators meant projecting 3D content over walls. This is the age of Head Mounted Display. This is the age of Atlas.

Global Collaboration

Are your clients' facing a technical problem that isnt covered in the Assist's animation library ? Pickup your AR enabled onscreen annotation tools to train the user on the other end of the world effortlessly

Old Machines, New Interface

Shift your machine’s interface to Augmented Reality to keep it up to date with the design shifts and unlock the restrictions that a physical interface creates.

Plug and Play

Already have an Asset health tracking system ? Plugin with Assist to take your pipeline to a whole new level.

Shorter Machine Downtime

With Assist, your clients can now solve complex machine breakdowns without waiting for you to send service technicians in person.

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