VR Training Simulators

VR Training Simulators

Current classroom based training techniques has clearly failed Industries in getting the training quality or training scalability right.

Training in hardware and environment sensitive environments like Energy sectors, Defense, Logistics, Manufacturing requires an immersive learning medium that delivers an experience that is as close to the real experience.

New models are arrived now

With training pipeline that isnt controlled by nature, get in control and train in a scale that is impossible with conventional training methods.

Immensely Capable, Yet Portable

Gone are those days where simulators meant projecting 3D content over walls. This is the age of Head Mounted Display. This is the age of Atlas.

Play God

Since the entire virtual world is defined by your preferences you can train your trainees on any environment, any operations on any challenges like tough weather, accidents and many more.

Global Collaboration

Trainer and Trainees spread across anywhere in the globe can collaborate and work together inside the virtual world. Deconstructing the entry barrier for knowledge.

Get Actionable Data

Measure and Analyze predefined or custom defined parameters of the training session. Get insights that were simply not possible with a presentation based training.

Quick Reset Time

Existing hands on training procedures need a reset time between two consecutive sessions. Not so in Atlas, reset the training session in a mouse click!

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