VR Control Room

VR Control Room

Even though the amount of data being generated in machines have grown multi folds over the past years and continues to do so, a simple yet elegant way to visualize these data hasn’t been done yet.

In an Industrial control room, tens of Instrumentation Panels and multiple video feeds fight for the user’s attention, leaving alert recognition to sheer luck.

New models are arrived now

No Blindspots

With a 360 degree camera feed, you can now look wherever you want to focus on. Control VR got you covered

Plug and Play

Already invested in a SCADA System ? Worry not, our system can plug into any existing DCS infrastructure and visualize the data for you

Global Collaboration

Multiple experts want to examine and monitor different angles in the same video feed ? Control VR enables them each to have a custom perspective

Critical Time Savings

Control VR acts as your ears and eyes on ground by feeding you live dynamic data. Save the time spent on sending a personnel to the facility.

Control Room in a Suit Case

With the entire control room being digitized, you no longer need to invest on building bulky, immobile and obsolete control rooms.

Too much Data, Too little Attention ?

Multiple instrumentation panels all beaming dynamic and live data at you in a clunky user interface makes it close to impossible to get any actionable insights. Control VR solves this by presenting you data in a 3D interface placed spatially with respect to the actual machines.

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