VR & AR Safety Training

VR & AR Safety Training

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions have the potential to improve safety processes in the workplace and change the way training is delivered in your organisation.

VR experiences offer hazardous scenario training in a safe environment combined with powerful evaluation and analytics. Major accident events can be realistically simulated in individual or group training scenarios, which have been shown to stimulate rapid learning. Site and task familiarisation training can be carried out in VR prior to mobilising personnel to sites.

Augmented Reality offers almost limitless safety applications. Personnel location tracking and live streaming of workers’ vision can enhance existing incident management processes. Live status feeds can be used to warn workers of unsafe events as they unfold and remotely visualise exclusion zones.

New models are arrived now
New models are arrived now

“(VR offers) Rapid hazard evaluation and learning” – Hilfert et al. 2016

“Virtual and Augmented Reality are Disrupting Safety Training, But the EH&S Applications Don’t Stop There” – Verdantix 2016

“US-based National Training Laboratory rates ‘practice by doing’ as the second most effective way to retain information at a rate of 75%, just behind ‘teaching others” – Verdantix 2016

Our in house development team of industry leading professionals can help your organisation enhance its safety and training capability.

Scorpion offers an innovative development environment through our risk managed Labs process. A rigorous governance framework forms the foundation of an agile development process, optimised for rapid delivery of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution iterations, to help your organisation realise benefits earlier.

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