Upgrade Your Coaster

Upgrade Your Coaster

Almost any roller coaster can get equipped with the VR Coaster hardware, consisting of a position sensor and the VR Coaster Black Box. The VR Coaster equipment is a reliable and robust onboard hardware system, developed for the tough conditions of a roller coaster.

Introducing the VR Coaster System

We have a process of extending roller coasters, rides or vehicles with mobile Virtual Reality (or Augmented Reality) headsets of the passengers.

This mobile approach solves all the classic VR issues, such as hygienics, damaging vibrations of mounted computers, cable issues or maintenance of VR hardware, just to name a view.

Our system focusses on the Samsung Gear VR, as this device delivers the most convincing and immersive mobile VR experience to date. And, as we are receiving great support by Samsung, we can help you set up the required headset supply for your VR Coaster Attraction!

New models are arrived now
New models are arrived now

Robust, flexible, lightweight

VR Coaster is fully compatible to the Samsung Gear VR headset. Using wireless connectivity, the VR experience will always be synchronized precisely with the real ride!

No cables, no onboard CG hardware, no sanitary issues: Your guests will get a clean, optically adjustable and portable headset that doesn't have to be attached to the coaster train.

New models are arrived now
New models are arrived now
  • Robust

    No cables, no CG hardware on the train

  • Hygienic

    Clean, individual headsets

  • Accurate

    VR & Real ride precisely synchronized

  • Immersive

    Industry Leading VR Quality

  • Interactive

    Coasters become space battles

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