Scorpion Live

Scorpion Live

Is a live motion capture system which records a live motion event and translating it into actionable data that allows for a 3d recreation of the performance. In other words, transforming a live performance into a digital performance.

With our simple to use mocap setup, there are many potential applications to create fun and engaging experiences using this technology. Ranging from corporate events, exhibitions, and public entertainment installations to theatre, holograms, children’s events & play areas, museums, theme parks, next level interactive experiences, and children and special needs rehabilitation to name just a few. Real time live capture has been well adopted by TV networks, tradeshows, and stage performances, as it brings a high level of virtual actor and audience interaction.

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What can it do?

Using a 3D camera, controllers, microphone and a computer Scorpion LIVE can create a live and interactive 3d character performance that is suitable for a wide range of educational entertainment and interactive purposes. A highly simple and cost effective approach to live and interactive performance capture. SCORPION LIVE is a network based system that allows remote interaction with an audience via the internet. This means the operator can be in any network enabled location, saving large expense and carbon footprint. The operator can interact with an audience on the other side of the planet without even leaving the studio!

way AV interaction

When a camera and mic are added to the output display and a feed from both is relayed to the operator, a 2 way interaction between the 3d character and the audience is created. This opens up the possibility of using the system in a wide range of live situations, such as the theme park industry, trade shows & exhibitions, museums, interactive marketing, education, public attractions and children’s parties to name but a few. Real-time 3D character performance captured from a live actor.. We have created an all in one software that allows you to fully control the behavior of a 3D rendered character using your body movement to control the character via a consumer level 3D camera using skeletal tracking, add to this some gaming style hand controllers to control the finer details such as facial expressions, finger controls, and show controls. Then by adding a wireless microphone system or any pre recorded voice track, you can control the characters mouth animation simply by speaking into the microphone. This allows you to perform or act through the character with full physical and emotional control, and also express yourself to your audience vocally.

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